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  1. Front End Mods

    I just bought a 2007 Trailblazer LS and i was wondering if there are any mods i can do to the front end to make it look a little meaner without any cutting and under $100. I know it's probably a long shot but i figured its worth asking. Thanks.
  2. just an easy cheap bada#% MOD

    u want to give a new look to ur trailblazer its quick and easy i had horrible emblems on my 07 trailblazer they were worn down and looked like garbage most of u know how expensiv e to buy new ones are so i went out and got a can of Plastidip u can buy it at home depot or hardware store just tape...
  3. Black Steel Wheels

    Where is a good place to get some basic, yet sick lookin black steel wheels.. ive seen ppl tlking about pricing under 100 per wheel, that is the price range im looking for. i will be getting the markmc lifts, (2.5'' spacers and 3'' body) along with fred geoske's wheel adapters/spacers to change...
  4. I6 LS Model Cold Air Intake

    Air Induction
    Last night a took my resonator (air filter cover) off and made some mods that gave my TB some good, noticeable power. The first thing I did was use some parts-store generic, self-adhesive weather stripping to seal the gaps where the resonator meets the washer fluid resevoir. Second, I used a...