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  1. General
    Went out this afternoon to fire up my '02 Envoy SLT. Temps last night were -20C. When I tried to start the truck it was -14C. Turned over twice then went click, click, click. Clock went to 12:00 but radio stations stayed put. CD changer started making noises like searching discs. Put the...
  2. General
    Hi everyone, 04 LT, 170k, 40k on the present battery, when I start the truck it often doesn't charge, battery light is on, sometimes when I start driving it will start charging, other times if I shut the engine off and restart, it will charge normally. Had this problem once or twice a while back...
  3. General
    Intermittent Low Alternator Charge (guage&voltmeter), Intermittant (Just Clicks) Star 2002 GMC ENVOY SLE 4X4 Bought the SUV a few months ago. A few weeks later I packed the car and went to leave for a road trip and starter just clicked and then nothing; then clicked again when trying to start...
  4. OEM Issues
    Hey everybody! I have lurked around quite a bit on this site. There is definitely a wealth of info here. Unfortunately I didn't want to make my first post about an issue of mine, but here it goes. I have been suffering from the battery not charging message and the battery light being on. Here...
1-4 of 4 Results