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  1. Interior
    Hey y’all my center console is cracked and falling to pieces, before I get a replacement I was wondering if I can swap in a trailblazer center console/cup holder assembly? the extra cup holder would be lovely of course and there’s plenty of trailblazers at the local parts yard
  2. General
    As a starter for those who are not whackers/buffs like I am, and do not cruise the Emergency Equipment section of the forums, here is the link the the thread which I didn't want to completely hijack, so I figured I would ask the general populous for their input...
  3. Transmission Mods
    Hey, i am was wondering if i could convert my 2002 chevy trailblazer i6 to a column shifter. I know the chevy colorado is on a similar platform and shares the family of engines, and i belive the transmissions are both 4l60e's. Would it be possible to bolt in the colorado steering column and...
  4. Interior
    The small plastic piece that "was" attached to the underside of the console lid and filled the hole next to latch broke off a while ago and now the lid pops open frequently. The dealer wants $100.00+ for a new lid....yeah right! Anybody have any suggestions for a DIY repair? I guess the purpose...
1-4 of 4 Results