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cd player

  1. radio doesnt work

    OEM Issues
    in my 04 trailblazer, the radio had a cd that wouldnt eject. Then I got back from a deployment after some battery issues and now the entire radio doesnt work. I try to turn it on but it doesnt. If i hit the tune nob, the time will come on for like 10 sec then it does off again. Cd still wont...
  2. Hi there

    Hi everyone. Just joined. Just replaced the transmission on my 2004 Trailblazer LS 4.2/6 at 180,000 km. Hope the engine will continue for a while. I've been told it should. Current problems: CD player is "stuck" probably unit has to be replaced. Brakes (rear) are needing attention - I will...
  3. how to bypass factory amp.

    Audio and Electronics
    i have a 05 TB ls non bose. the stock stereo was intermittenly sounding like the speaker on my ipod(volume all the way up and not much sound). i went to a car audio place and they said my factory amp was prolly going out. they said i could put in an aftermarket HU and it would bypass my...
  4. cd player install

    i just got a pioneer cd player for my tb because the factory amp stopped working(yes i checked the fuse) and the guy at the car audio store said installing a deck would fix my issue(factory stero sounded like the speaker on my ipod, due to the amp being fried). so i installed the deck and it...
  5. Dash Speakers on a 2002 do i get to them?

    Audio and Electronics
    I have a 2002 envoy slt with the bose system and onstar, i already installed a alpine cda 9887 cd deck and i have a set of conponets but i want to put my tweeters in the spot were the 2 speakers are on top of the dash but i dont know even how to get to them lol can someone help and also i am...