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  1. Exhaust Mods
    We all know that our trailvoys sound, i am sad to say, quite weak as a stock vehicle. Throw on a CAI and an exhaust system, you got yourself a beefy sounding car. the problem is, there are so many different options to modify your exhaust system. i am hoping to get a cat-back exhaust within these...
  2. TrailBlazer / Envoy Chat
    hey so i wanted to take out my catalytic converter, is there a way of doing it without having a check engine light appear? I just want more noise. Thanks, again Martin
  3. Exhaust Mods
    I have an 2007 Trailblazer LT and I am looking for a Cat-Back Dual Exhaust system. Want the tips to come out of the bumper not behind the tire like the SS. I have been looking and unable to find anything do you have any suggestions.
1-3 of 3 Results