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  2. TECORE II - Planning Thread

    Well, we're planning to do it again. TECOREII (Trailvoy East Coast Off Road Event) September 18-20 George Washington National Forest Near Harrisonburg, VA For more details, go to (maps, full list of guidelines, etc). Whos invited? Anyone with a lifted TrailVoy. Some of...
  3. Blue Ridge expedition

    Pictures and Videos
    Well after having a very long night, what seemed to be a forever drive home and finally a much needed nap I'm back up and have the pics from the trip. My friend and I left yesterday about 4 pm. After a nice relaxing drive in rush hour traffic we arrived at our campsite. Map of the Blue Ridge...
  4. 2009 Trailvoy East Coast Off Road Event - Pictures & Videos

    TECORE.OFFROADTB.COM Well, TECORE '09 has come to an end. I think it all came out pretty successful (but I will let the other guys tell you how they felt). Here's a quick review of the weekend: Who: JamesDowning (James) - Black TrailBlazer splivkramer (Todd) - Black TrailBlazer Dizzlenator...
  5. Post your Camping pictures here

    Pictures and Videos
    Thought I would start a thread where we could all share our camping pictures. I've got some from the first week in March. Friends and I decided to go up towards Dahlonega and do some camping for a night. Few days before it was rainy and foggy. This tree was blocking the road.. but not...
  6. Camping


    Our campsite just outside Quebec City.