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  1. General
    Hey everybody, new member, long time car guy. Grew up with a father who was a Master Technician and Instructor. Rebuilt many an engine and drove many different vehicles in my 54 years. The Problem: 04' Bravada bought new, 195k miles. Paid independent shop of good rep to replace timing...
  2. OEM Issues
    I had my engine run low on oil for a short time. This locked up a lifter and now I am having all lifters replaced. The machanic recommended changing the cam because of the discoloration. Looks likes normal wear to me. Check out the picture below..What are your thoughts? The cam is smooth, no...
  3. Engine Tunes/Mods
    Greetings: I have an 2004 TB. The other day it started running really rough and "sputtering", especially in park while it's idling. The SES light was on but the only code was regarding the thermostat (stuck open). I was waiting to do this until it warms up a bit as I live in Michigan and...
1-3 of 3 Results