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cam shaft position sensor

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  1. General
    Hello all, I've had the great honor of being stuck with rough idle issue. There is a multitude of issues I'm getting at one time and I believe they're all related. At stop lights I will stop then my tach shows the rpms drop down to 500 or 450, shake a little bit, then jump immediately back up to...
  2. General
    Hi, I have a 2004 Trailblazer EXT LT (4.2). I need to replace my VVT solenoid. My problem seems unique though as I haven't seen anyone else mention this or complain about this on here or on YouTube. My particular issue is that the solenoid will not budge out of the engine block at all. I...
  3. General
    Ok 02 envoy 154,000 miles -- I think I might need a new ignition tumbler?? Sometimes I go to start it nothing all the idiot lights and all come on but nothing. Sometime it will start the next time and sometimes it takes a few tries. I was thinking starting there since its a cheap...
  4. Brakes
    Have spent some time trying to diagnose this, and have recently come to a conclusion. Just wanted to know if anyone else has seen this issue. My wifes '03 trailblazer randomly dies when the the brakes are applied hard. Since she is pregnant, I gave her my vehicle to drive for a week or so to...
1-4 of 4 Results