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  1. Brakes
    So after a bunch of Youtube Vids and Dozens of trips to this site. I decided to take on the task of painting my brake calipers and brackets and replacing my rotors and pads myself. (pics coming soon) anyway after painting my front caliper brackets/carriers I cant remember which is Drivers side...
  2. Brakes
    Where can i get Hunter (neon) orange caliper paint? Thank you in advance! :)
  3. Zaino

    Zaino process - Day 1 Z5, Z5, Z2. Day 2 Z5, Z2. CVhemical Guys Black On Black for all rubber/plastic trim. SteelCraft Nerf Bars. Painted Bowtie with Reflective Overlay from Motor City Vinyl, Painted G2 calipers blue, Billet grille 3-piece overlay
  4. Painted Rear Calipers Blue (and black park brake housings)

    G2 Caliper Paint, 20" Boss Wheels, Yokohama Parada Spec-X 275/40R20
  5. Exterior
    As promised...THE (day) PICS (night pics coming shortly). I spent the better part of the week detailing and Zaino-ing. Z5, Z5, Z2, Z5, Z2 - this was after I had a service come out and compound/polish prior to Zaino. Didn't show much of the interior because not a whole lot of mods to show. It is...
  6. Brakes
    One of my front calipers decided to break, or start leaking or whatever, but its no good anymore. (boy was that interesting driving home..DON'T DO IT) So obviously I'm going to need to buy another caliper. The question is, do I buy just one to replace the bad one, or do I buy a set for the...
  7. Brakes
    Hi, Im new here and need some help locating a new banjo bolt for the front left brake caliper. Mine is stripped out. Dealer in calling it a retainer and wants me to buy the whole line. I dont need the whole line and they wont separate. I was reading about andy from adm on this site but cant find...
  8. Rims
    Hey guys, I was looking for rims on TB's seeing if I could find something I liked, I found this picture, but it didn't say what kind of rims they were. Do they belong to a member, or does anyone know what kind of rims they are?
  9. Brakes
    Hello. I was thinking of buying some SS decals for my brake calipers but just had a few questions. I am not going to get involved with painting the calipers. I wanted to know how they would hold up on unpainted calipers, assuming they are properly cleaned. any advice would help. Thanks:)
1-9 of 9 Results