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  1. Air Induction
    I've search thru a lot of the cai threads but didn't have any luck.i installed the K&N 77 CAI but the instructions say to cut the 1 1/4in. hole IF my vehicle has air injection and i don't know if my 2002 LS trailblazer does or the threads i found about the air injection it looks like the...
  2. Air Induction
    Hello All, New to the Trailvoy scene. I bought an 2005 Trailblazer LS a couple years ago. I decided a week and a half ago to change my own oil for the first time. I was sick of paying $75! Anyway, I instantly got hooked on working on the truck. Since last Monday I have done the following: New...
  3. TrailBlazer / Envoy Chat
    Hey guys, was just looking at this site: I typed 2003, chev tb ls6 and theres 2 intakes that pop up, the 300$ one, and a 450$ one that is synthamax, non oiled. should i spend the extra 150$?
  4. Air Induction
    So this past weekend I set out to make a custom intake after much thought and planning I came up with the least intrusive and least expensive option. So then I headed to Lowe's to purchase the parts. (Parts List Below) I have a MAF so I decided it would be smart to not mess with the honeycomb...
  5. Air Induction
    Here's a few pics of my homemade CAI (for about 20 bucks plus filter). Not sure how the pictures will turn out:bonk::confused: What do you think?
  6. Air Induction
    Hey guys...I just bought an Airaid and installed it on my '07 TBSS...just wanted to let everyone who is debating what intake to buy to really consider an Airaid...I went to the track a few weeks ago and was running 8.7's (1/8 mile) with stock intake...I'm going back to the track this weekend to...
  7. Air Induction
    I'm really sorry to bring this up but does anyone have pictures of their CAI whether it be custom/homemade or from aftermarket? Maybe it can help others with ideas of making their own?
  8. 77 Series K&N

    My 77 series K&N
  9. HPIM0295

    Airaid CAI, I made the mistake of swapping my muffler first, then deleting the resonator. So when I just installed the CAI, I couldn't hear the intake noise.
  10. K&N 57Series FIPK

    More pics- Not shown in this picture are the two "mods" needed to install the FIPK correctly. Note, these were NOT mentioned in the instructions. 1. Drilling a hole, installing a grommet, and using extra hose to extend the crankcase breather hose an
1-12 of 13 Results