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  1. Metallic Rattling Noise At Rear Of Vehicle

    OEM Issues
    So let me describe whats happening. Ive got a 2005 Trailblazer LS with the 4.2ltr engine.It rides & sounds normal on smooth roads regardless of speed.However,when you're driving through potholes or hitting any type of bump period,you can hear a loud rattling noise near the rear.If you were to...
  2. out of

    I'll be as to the point as possible: Sound coming from passenger side. When hitting bumps. Loud clanking at General speeds (15-50). Under certain circumstances the clanking can turn into a grinding. Also noted a card in the bike spokes noise upon reversal only from time to time. I've replaced...
  3. Upper Control Arm Bushings?

    So I started to hear squeaking noise when I hit bumps or I hit the brakes. Sure enough the upper control arm bushings were out. I was looking at some posts and was wondering what the final verdict was for the bushings? Can you buy them separately and have them pressed out and the new ones...