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  1. Exterior
    Hello everyone! I have a stock 2003 GMC envoy. I'm planning on doing lot of projects on it to make it off-roading vehicle. I want to remove step bars. I don't like how my bumper are looking even though it's new (previously owner crashed the SUV). I want to add a new steel bumpers to it, I'm...
  2. Exterior
    Heres some pics of my ss conversion progress bought the bumpers and grille last monday did all the body work saturday and painted them sunday I think its gonna look awesome because I havent seen a metallic green tbss just waiting for the other parts I ordered to come in braces spacers etc. and...
  3. Exterior
    hi everyone im new to the group. i have a 05 trailblazer and would like to do the front bumper conversion to an ss bumper. ive seen some people have done this on here and was wondering if anyone could help me out with a parts list oif what is needed to do the conversion? and wheres a good place...
1-3 of 3 Results