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  1. Broken Pieces of Spark Plug

    OEM Issues
    Hello everyone this is my first thread to the forum. I've searched everywhere but it seems my problem is a little different than anyone else with issues regarding broken spark plugs. First off I'm a proud owner of an '06 trailblazer ls ext. It already had over 100,000 miles and there is no...
  2. Broken spark plug ... HELP!!!

    Hi all ~ I did the unthinkable ... while changing the plugs on the 4.2L engine on my 06 Envoy, the #2 plug broke in half with the threads remaining in the engine. I'm not a mechanic by trade so changing oil and plugs are the only thing that I would even attempt on my own. This is the first time...
  3. Broken Console Cover

    The dog broke off the console cover and I can't figure out how to fix it, any suggestions?
  4. DIC and Climate Controls

    OEM Issues
    Hello Everyone, I'm searched through the forums for an answer to my question, and Roadie seemed to be onto one but I want to explain my specific problem before I attempt to fix the issue. A couple days ago I had an iSimple installed into my vehicle. After it was installed everything worked...
  5. [SOLVED] $2,000 for 4 exhaust manifold bolts!!

    OEM Issues
    Yep it's sad but true..... So over the last two weeks I've been hearing an exhaust leak every time I start up the Denali in the morning..or when it's been sitting for at least 3 hours. So I did many searches here and some other sites and nothing was to specific on this problem. And holy...
  6. Cornering Light issue. Suggestions?

    I was working in my garage and glanced over at the Envoy. To my surprise, there was a gaping hole in the side front bumper where the cornering light used to be! I crawled underneath, and there it was, lens and all, dangling from the electrical leads. It looks as if one side snapped (broke) out...
  7. No 4x4hi only 4x4lo?

    4x4 Drivetrain
    It seems like my little TB has the flu! Alot of strange symptoms lately. Other than the security light coming on and off by itself and the 4x4 selector light either not on or blinking then going off. (sometimes they stay on an work fine) but wth the recent snow in chicago I went and put it in...