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  1. Need some much needed advice...

    So I just did a bunch of work but the only stuff relating to the brakes was installing a new master cylinder (the pedal was sinking to the floor when stopping and the pedal was also spongy). Sure enough, the master cylinder had a slight leak on the back of the cylinder. We did a complete brake...
  2. Question about Front Brake Caliper Bracket/Carrier (HELP!!!)

    So after a bunch of Youtube Vids and Dozens of trips to this site. I decided to take on the task of painting my brake calipers and brackets and replacing my rotors and pads myself. (pics coming soon) anyway after painting my front caliper brackets/carriers I cant remember which is Drivers side...
  3. Updates on new brake pads?

    Hi all, I'm at 135,500 on my 2004 LS TB and finally need to replace my pads and check the rotors, they just started squealing over the weekend. I read a few of the older threads about what your opinions on the best replacement pad sets are, and I only started a new thread because I noticed...
  4. ABS/Brake/4wd Lights on

    OEM Issues
    Hello, I have a problem and need help, I have a 2005 GMC Envoy 6cyl , My abs/brake and 4wd light are on, 4wd sometimes goes off but for a few minutes, I went through forum and did pretty much everything that I found that could be wrong, 1) replaced ignition switch 2) Cleaned ground under driver...
  5. [SOLVED] Brake Lights - HELP

    OK.. Sorry if this is a repeat, I could not confirm others were having this same issue. the Problem.. all of my rear light bulbs work and are lit when the lights are on, lock the truck, etc.. EXCEPT when I press the brake pedal. I have checked both fuses.. the third brake light comes on when...
  6. Squeaky brakes, no matter what!

    OEM Issues
    So i have an 04 envoy with 120,000 miles. a few months ago i noticed my brakes would squeak as i pressed the brake pedal. when the car is "cold" and i haven't drove it for several hours, that's when i get the squeak, but after about 20mins of driving and stopping and starting due to red lights...
  7. Braking Problem

    Today I started my Bravada (AWD) and drove to a friends house and the trip there was fine. But then when I began to back up and turn the steeting wheel all the way to the right the vehicle would not move. even applying gas would barely move the vehicle. I was almost like trying to move the...
  8. New deck install. Can't change settings.

    Audio and Electronics
    I recently installed a new deck in my envoy. Everything seems to be working fine except I can't change any of my settings except for my audio settings. I should be able to change my color scheme, time, date etc. My deck is the alpine ixa-w404. I don't have on-star or a Bose system. I have NOT...
  9. grinding sound

    all, i have an intense grinding noise coming from the front right of the vehicle, only when turning right and going slow. i'm thinking this could be the brakes, they need to be changed soon. can anyone add some input/advice on this? thanks, quiz
  10. brake, decals, calipers, stickers

    Hello. I was thinking of buying some SS decals for my brake calipers but just had a few questions. I am not going to get involved with painting the calipers. I wanted to know how they would hold up on unpainted calipers, assuming they are properly cleaned. any advice would help. Thanks:)