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  1. General
    2002 TB LS 4X4 225,000 miles Was hoping someone could show me the wiring diagram for the I/P emergency brake light circuit. Mine comes on randomly all the time. I know it will work when I apply the emergency brake as it should but often while driving for no apparent reason this light illuminates...
  2. Exterior
    Couple Questions Do the main Front Turn signals under the headlights require a mod or resistor if I put 3757 LEDs in them? Will they hyper flash? Also, the brake lights are the only lights that require a different LED bulb, correct? Finally, Is it illegal if I black out the orange side...
  3. Brakes
    tonight i was driving to pittburgh, same trip i make every weekend and all of the sudden the BRAKE light came on on my dash. i was just driving not even using the brakes. at first the light blinked then about 15 minutes later when i actually came to a stop at an intersection it came on solid...
  4. General
    Slammed on the brakes other day. Immediately afterwards the ABS and Brake lights are on. Analyzed on Big Time analyzer and could not open up the ABS area for analysis. Anyone have a suggestion? Brakes are OK but no ABS function.
  5. General
    all, i have a rear passenger brake light that has gone out; i can't find other posts on this issue. the rear passenger brake light is out but the rest of the lights in the unit are working (tail light, reverse light). could this just be a fuse or would i have to replace the entire unit...
  6. OEM Issues
    Hey guys, just recently i got pulled over by the police for having my driver side brake light out, he gave me a Warning, thank god, so i went and replaced the bulb got the 3157 bulb the one Sylvania recommend. I changed the bulb put some bulb grease on it and it wont work still. The Blinker...
  7. General
    I need to replace the 3rd brake light on my 2002 GMC Envoy, but I see no visible means of removing it. I would appreciate any and all advice. There are no screws, clips, etc. that I can see.
  8. General
    I'm a new user to this site and I'm a little confused so I apologize if I posted in the wrong place. My question is... just recently my abs and brake lights have come on and stayed on. At the same time my heater was blowing at speed 3 and it just quit blowing. Speed 4 never worked but now none...
1-8 of 8 Results