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bose amp

  1. Can i use the factory wires for a 04 trail blazer to run aftermarket equipment?

    02-09 General Tech Q&A
    - So im trying to replace my Headunit, two front dash tweeters, two front door speakers, and two rear speakers. - So i learned i would need a wiring interface to keep the features that come with the vehicle like OnStar, Factory amp, and like steering wheel controls. PAC RP5-GM11 Wiring...
  2. Drain Wire

    Audio and Electronics
    Hi there, I'm working on my wife's '05 TrailBlazer. No sound from the speakers, but the radio picks up station info. It has the Bose radio and amp. Fuses are good, and speakers don't appear to be shorting. I was using a digital multimeter to check the speakers from the amp harnesses yesterday...
  3. [SOLVED] Bose system - amp turn on lead operation questions

    Audio and Electronics
    With the radio off and key out of ignition: 1. Is the Bose head unit supposed to turn on the factory Bose amp turn on lead when the truck is unlocked with the keyless entry? 2. Is there supposed to be a turn off delay? I used the factory turn on lead to power up an aftermarket amplifier. We...