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  1. Body/Suspension lift?

    So I have done some searching on the entire forum. And I just cannot find the answer to my question. I just turned 16 and bought myself an 03 tb with the I6 and 4x4. Ive figured out all the mods I want to do but some are questionable so I figured Ill start with this one ;) Is there any possible...
  2. PO172, PO400---Garage says I need a new throttle body

    OEM Issues
    So the Envoy is begging for me to replace it, but I'm too stubborn because I love it. Last Friday on my drive from VA to PA (300miles) it wasn't running the greatest. Over the weekend the SES came on with a PO172 and PO400 code. I didn't have to go anywhere so I wasn't too worried. Monday comes...
  3. Tire Shine Leaving "RUSTY" Dots All Over TB

    Hey guys, Just figured i'd post one about tire shine and what it has been doing to my vehicle. Typically, i dress up the 22's tires with BLACK MAGIC TIRE WET and i have been noticing that the "spin off" of the tire shine has been leaving these little "rusty" looking dots all over my white...
  4. 2004 Trailblazer - Looking for a Frame

    ...among other parts :) I'm attempting to curb our losses on a delivery mishap that occurred here. Basically, a car was being driven back from auction and was involved in a collision that caused a fair amount of body damage as well as knocking the frame silly. However, despite the damage to...