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  1. Intermittent Speaker Rattle

    My front passenger speaker intermittently sounds like it is blown. Most days it sounds fine, but sometimes it has a scratchy rattle. Anyone else have this problem? What was the fix?
  2. Blown Headlight Relay or something somewhere?

    I installed my HID's with a V-LEDS DRL killer. The first time blew my headlight fuse for my left headlight. I disconnected it and ran without the DRL killer just fine and shutting the DRL's off when we got in. I hooked it back up thinking that I probably just had the polarity reversed the first...
  3. [SOLVED] Door opens, no lights come on.

    I was stupid, and while changing out the interior lights that come on automatically when the door is opened, I got a spark and poof! They no longer work. Everything else works, in fact I can push the light to toggle it and it still work, but nothing when I open the door or unlock/lock the...