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blower resistor

  1. 03 TB EXT (6 cyl) - Rear Air

    I have been a member since last year but just now introducing myself and asking for help. I have 03 TB EXT (6 cyl). I see lots of info on people having problems with air conditioning but I can't find much on Rear Air problems. I have full climate control for the front but rear stopped blowing...
  2. Having Blower Motor Problems, Please Help!!!

    My blower motor recently quit working on my 02 trailblazer LT. My vehicle has the digital climate control. When I test the voltage across the male end of the connection that plugs directly into the blower motor I get between 0V (when the blower is turned off) and 5V (when the blower is on high)...
  3. ac problemos!

    Hi all, this is my first post since I just signed up today. I have some questions I hope someone can help with. Earlier this summer my ac started shutting off while driving if the outside/ ambient temp got over 93 degrees. Then it would do it when when it was 85 degrees. Finally I noticed that...
  4. Blower not working

    I recently purchased my 03 Trailblazer EXT 4.2L. The front heat and air did not work from day one. We survived summer with the HVAC 2 and open windows/sunroof. The many posts I have read seem to indicate that the problem is likely a dead blower or blower resistor module or faulty wiring. The...
  5. [SOLVED] Multiple Electrical problems, ABS, Blower motor, leveling system

    I am really hoping someone can help me with this. My engine seized and had to have it replaced. I went to pick up my 02 envoy today and when i picked it up the ABS light, brake light were on. Also the blower will not work on the heater, A/C unit AND the rear air suspension light will not work...
  6. fan wont work (and rear console problems)

    SO I had a diesel Passat, but it broke. I used to live in the states thats why I got a Chevy. Kinda... Bought this TB 2003 LTZ. It had (has) some problems that I havent quite figured out... The fan is, well... it has a life of its own. Most of the time it doesnt work, sometimes I can get it to...