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  1. 02-09 General Tech Q&A
    This was an issue I put up with a few months ago (by put up with, I mean I quit using my left blinker for awhile ??‍♂️) The issue started again just this morning. When turning on the left blinker the dash starts beeping like WWIII, Service Brake System appears on the dash, the “Brake” and ABS...
  2. General
    Hey gang, It's been a while since I've needed to post on here, but I'm sort of stuck. I'm not sure of the technical terms of everything, but I'll try to describe everything to my best ability. For a long time, when my low beam headlights are on, the orange light on the side doesn't light up...
  3. Exterior
    ok 05 TB know the front CORNER blinker things w the 194 bulbs? i bought led's to replace them since one burnt out anyway. Any can someone help me on the replacement of these bulbs?! i pulled the plug off and im assuming they turn like any other bulb would to be removed but these things...
1-3 of 3 Results