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  1. SHIFTER LOOSE 2007 blazer

    OEM Issues
    So i put my car in park (2007 Trailblazer LS 4.2) it felt weird then put it back in drive and think my linkage cable popped off or its about to so when i put it into park when i get home i really feel like it popped off and shifter is completely loose. I figured the linkage cable popped off...
  2. Cruise control working crazy

    hello every body, this is my first post here i hope you can help me i have Chevy Trailblazer 2004, my cruise control working crazy, when i turn the truck on at the morning or when its still cold i can use the cruise but the problem is when i stop my car goes into rough idle RPM goes Up to 2.5...
  3. I need some info on removing the lines after demolding

    I have an '02 TB and am in the process of demolding it. I have currently only removed the rear passenger mold. I now have the problem of removing the lines that appaer after removing the adhesive. I have washed it scrubbed it and put some elbow grease to it. They are still there. They don't seem...
  4. My 2008 Envoy...ehhhhh, could be better.

    Hello iLikeEggs, Our records indicate that you have never posted on our site before. Why not make your first post today by saying hello to our community in our Introductions forum. Thanks and welcome to TrailVoy! Ok then. Here it goes... Where do I start? I will start by saying that I can...