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  1. Rims
    I've seen some, but I want to see some new ones. I like the black ones and would like to see what they look like without a drop.
  2. Introductions
    Hey guys, I've been a member for a little while now, but never really posted anything about my own 2004 Chevy Trailblazer. Got it back in August and have been personalizing it since. I don't like my vehicle to look like an average one, I like it to stand out. Anyway here's a list of add-ons and...
  3. Exterior
    I have a 06 envoy xl. I want black headlights with clear corners. I tried making my own but just didn't come out that great. Can anyone tell me who does this kinda work online or bear MA? Ill buy some if anyone has some for sale... Pm me
  4. Exterior
    What's going on guys? I'm having an extremely difficult time finding black headlights for my LT, tons of options for non LT though. Anyone else have this problem or a good site to find these headlights? Thanks.
  5. Exterior
    hey im looking for a product to restore the plastic black trim on my envoy? any recommendation? :confused: thoughts on "Back to Black", "showroom","black wow". thanks :):thx
  6. Exterior
    I just wanted an opinion from you guys on whether or not to paint my rims. I cant decide if the chrome is a nice accent to the vehicle or to black them out.
  7. IMG00713-20101223-1326

    Black painted center caps
  8. Interior
    hey guys... I am going to be getting a set of leather seats around tax time, and I can not make up my mind over what color! I have an 05 TB LS, Silver, with a grey interior now. I kind of want to just get a set of grey seats so it matches everything, but at the same time, I would prefer a black...
  9. Rims
    Hey guys, I was looking for rims on TB's seeing if I could find something I liked, I found this picture, but it didn't say what kind of rims they were. Do they belong to a member, or does anyone know what kind of rims they are?
  10. Rims
    Where is a good place to get some basic, yet sick lookin black steel wheels.. ive seen ppl tlking about pricing under 100 per wheel, that is the price range im looking for. i will be getting the markmc lifts, (2.5'' spacers and 3'' body) along with fred geoske's wheel adapters/spacers to change...
  11. Pictures and Videos
    Some pics I took this week. Clay bar worked great! Painted bug guard to match wheels, may paint chrome grill piece. and added vinyl black to bow tie. What do you guys think??? Pics were taken with a DSLR in front of Quaker Steak.
  12. Exterior
    Wow, I really didn't think shopping for rims would be this hard and make me so indecisive. :bonk: I was originally looking at the 22" Zinik Z13 Luina rims for my EXT. I first saw them here on this guys trailblazer: I thought they looked sweet and I was set...
  13. Exterior
    I have a question about roof racks I have an 2007 LT in Black. I wanted to pull of my roof rack and give it that SS look but will there be holes in my roof from the bolts holding it down. And what are some ways you guys used to get rid or plug the holes.
1-20 of 28 Results