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  1. Midwest
    I am selling a set of really nice brand new wheels and tires that were originally bought for around $1,600, due to the fact that I just sold my SUV and the person who had bought it did not want the wheels with it for the price I was asking for. These tires and wheels have been on the vehicle for...
  2. Off-Road
    Hi everyone. I am in need of some good 4x4 rims but I do not want to go bigger than 16s. i enjoy the motometal rims but cannot seem to find any to fit my 04 ls. If anyone has any good sites to find 16 inch offroad black rims please help. Thank you. :thx
  3. Exterior
    Hey, Ive got an 07 Black TB and im undecided if i want to black out my tail lights I have looked through the galleries and I can not find a pic of a black 1 with smoked tail lights. Does anyone have a picture of 1 or no where i can find 1. And what are your opinions on this Thank you
  4. Rims
    So for Christmas my dad told me I would get rims for this spring. Well we went rim shopping today in Indiana. The ones I got are KM651 slide. All Black I can't wait to see them on. :excited:
1-4 of 4 Results