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  1. OEM Issues
    Got car used from Jake Sweeney back in July. Car makes whining noise maybe belt issue. 182,500 miles on car. 4.2 v6. 27 percent oil life. Just got a Hum from Verizon (kinda like onstar) put reader in the OD spot. Popped up code P0014. And for first time SERVICE ENGINE LIGHT CAME ON. Car...
  2. General
    My apologies if this wasn't the right place to post this, or if something incredibly close to this was posted before, but I figured i'd ask you guys a few questions! So, took my car into the shop this morning to get a coolant flush done. I was dreading it because I know it would be cheaper to...
  3. OEM Issues
    Alright guys. Replaced Thermostat and O2 sensor this weekend. Pulled off the alternator to get to the thermostat. Put a new belt on and now after a while I get a slipping belt sound and the belt gets destroyed. All of the pulleys seem to turn freely. The idler pulley was replaced 2 months ago...
  4. General
    This is my first time posting on the site, so bare with me. I have a 2004 Chevy Trailblazer LS, and earlier today I was working on tightening my serpentine belt when I accidentally broke the bolt that holds on the tensioner pulley. There is not enough room to get a drill down into the space...
  5. OEM Issues
    My 04 TB with 105K is making a pretty solid squeak (kinda like when you pull up to a stoplight and see some schmuck with a loose fan belt squealing like a stuck pig, although mine isn't that extreme, but now I'm that schmuck). Today I am going to take off the belt and turn that pulley by hand...
  6. OEM Issues
    What is the easiest way to replace the ac belt? Man, that is way down there. I haven't inspected from the bottom but there is something blocking the access from underneath, I think.
  7. OEM Issues
    I have been reading many threads about belt sizes. I have looked online and in both the owners manual and the Haynes manual. I cant seem to find which belt size I need for my 03 Envoy SLT XL 4.2. Anyone know? There are 2 options 130 and 150. I cant find the amp rating of my alt.
1-7 of 7 Results