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  1. Audio and Electronics
  2. Audio and Electronics
    i am currently running a kenwood KAC 7204 amp and 2 10" KFC-W2511 woofers. when i have my door open my interior lights will flicker and the battery gauge goes from about 14 to 12 up to 16 then repeats the process.. what do you think i should do?.. the headlights dont dim or the dash lights// i...
  3. General
    my fiance has an 03 gmc envoy slt, the factory radio (its the one that has rds), will not keep the bass settings. she sets the radio to manual, then changes the bass to about 1/2 (because music sounds poor with the muddy bass the stock speakers put out), and the next time she checks it has...
1-3 of 3 Results