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  1. backup cam

    Back up camera, the most discreet I could find.
  2. 02-09 General Tech Q&A
    Hello Guys new member here 2005 GMC ENVOY XL DENALI I'm just wondering what wire or fuse did you guy tap into to power on your backup camera I currently have a PIONEER AVH 1400 NEX and I am using the PAC RP5 GM-11 Harness Yes I am hooking up to the PURPLE/WHITE connection wire from the...
  3. Audio and Electronics
    I just got a Koolertron rear-view (wired version) and im trying to hook it up to a Pioneer AH2400 head-unit. I have two sets of wires one is the video(yellow RCA) with a red lead on each side of it also. Then a black wire, with a ground and red wire. I need help figuring out where to attach all...
  4. Audio and Electronics
    I've got my camera mounted at the top of my license plate and ran the cable through the license plate light socket. The problem I've ran into is I ran my cable up the hatch and wanted to run it through the rubber wire conduit that the rear window washer wiring runs through at the top of the...
  5. General
    2 months ago I bought a very cheap (about $15) Koolertron backup camera. It is now starting to go out.... I would like to buy a new one but I don't really know what brand to go with. The one that I have now screws onto the license plate, but I would really like an under mount model (above the...
  6. Backup camera

    New mods backup camera So much easier to hookup to a trailer
1-6 of 6 Results