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  1. Audio and Electronics
    Where would the aux port be located? I can’t find it anywhere. Other threads say it’s on the sound system in the backseat but our car doesn’t have that in the back, just a couple of knobs for the temperature. Does this model even have one?
  2. General
    Greetings community. I used a tutorial years ago on how to splice in an aux cable to the existing wire harness that plugged into what i think was an Onstar unit located behind a breakaway panel on the front passenger side (beneath the glove box) on a 2007 Envoy. Long story short, I botched...
  3. The 02-09 "How-To" and DIY Section
    My mechanic friend helped me pull out the factory radio today. We looked at the schematics and found a "digital radio" (the car doesn't have one) in which we removed and patched a 3.5 millimeter audio jack into. The OnStar still works, the AM/FM still works, and the CD player still works...
  4. Audio and Electronics
    Hello! We have a 2007 GMC Envoy SLE that has a pretty decent stock audio system if I do say so myself. One thing it's missing, however, is an AUX input! I've looked around and I've come to the conclusion the only way to get AUX without buying an entirely new headunit is to get this AUX box you...
  5. Introductions
    My 2004 envoy slt does not have an aux input... :( ...And I really want one for my ipod without getting a whole new head unit...I would get a whole new head unit if it wasn't a navigation system but it is!...I know you can buy something that can give you an aux input and it works in a car...
  6. Audio and Electronics
    Hello All Has anyone ever installed an add-on to use the AUX (Auxilary) function of the OEM Bose In-Dash 6 CD Changer 'Class II' GM radio? I've heard of the AUXGMV3, has anyone used this? Has anyone ever pulled out their dashboard to install other compoenents? If so is it easy? Is there a...
  7. Audio and Electronics
    Hey everyone, heres a new aux input idea i have onstar on my 03 tb LTZ, i want to keep my stock HU because of steering wheel controls, and it isnt the XM, or MP3 or changer version. and ill never use my onstar, so i was wondering if i could splice a cable into- lets say the signal comming out...
  8. Aux Input

  9. Eight Beam setup

    More pics here- Custom eight beam setup. See more pics and info in this thread
1-9 of 9 Results