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  1. Audio and Electronics
  2. OEM Issues
    Coming home from Carlisle my temp gauge was much lower then normal. It happened 2 more times throughout last week. No SES. Got bored and went looking for one trip faults. The freeze frame was similar to this, long run time barely 180. Not a bad job. Didn't mess with extensions through...
  3. TrailBlazer / Envoy Chat
    lol j/k I bought a Tech2 I took a auick vid of it running some actuators. This is nsfw due to language. So yeah my work has one, and after using it to diag some tricky stuff easily I knew I had to get one. A year later and whoomp here it is :woot:
  4. Interior NSFW - there are swear words So yeah, this noise popped up the other day and I finally had a minute to look at it. I grabbed the camera and dove on in. I don't know why it started making noise. Before tonight, the headliner hadn't been disturbed for...
  5. Audio and Electronics
    Tonight I found this note in a scosche installation manual and can't say that I've heard of this before. Now for the questions. Is there any truth to this? Is standard bose/ premium bose the same as saying lux/ non lux? If so, which is which? I recall a thread where the OP needed to know if he...
  6. TrailBlazer / Envoy Chat
    Tired of looking at your data link connector everyday? Well folks I'm proud to introduce the coolest mod since that dude found the cabin air filter doors in the 02-03 models. What you see here is a color matched data link connector cover. Folks this thing was hand build by robots to perfectly...
  7. General
    Does anyone have a description of this circuit? More pacifically, I want to know if a passlock fault is one of the potential causes of a no crank condition (pcm not grounding starter relay). Thanks. Update from the helms manual thank you helms manual for clearing that up
  8. TrailBlazer / Envoy Chat
    What's good everybody? I'm fixing to get some prices of specific repairs from those who have taken their I6 tb/envoy in for these services/repairs. It doesn't matter if it was the dealer or an independent shop. In case you're thinking "hey brah, why don't you call some shops yourself ya...
  9. TrailBlazer / Envoy Chat
    Well well well... Time really does fly by. Feels like only yesterday was when I innocently rented a vehicle to take on vacation and fell in like with it. Shortly after, I had my 2003 LT and found this joint. The TB is doing well, getting ready to turn the big 130k. The blower quit working on...
1-9 of 10 Results