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  1. General
    Hi im new to this but I have a 2004 gmc envoy and I have a loud grinding (errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr sound) coming from behind the center of the dash. It will start when on ACC and restart on startup then stop, then start. This happens 3 times with the second time being louder and higher pitched. This...
  2. OEM Issues
    Hi this is my first post... I own a 2003 trailblazer and ever since i bought it 2 years ago it has had a problem with some rattling. The rattling begins under slow to medium acceleration around 2500 rpms and gets worse until about 3250 rpms or until the gear changes. It doesn't happen under...
  3. General
    Question: When I drive and hit little bumbs in the road it sounds like my chassis is about to fall apart. Its getting very annoying and I need some advice. I was going to lube the chassis and try to see if some bushings are bad but i dont have the slightest clue as to where to start looking.
1-3 of 3 Results