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  1. Audio and Electronics
    Well I could find remember the original thread that inspired me to do this mod, but I guess it's best to start a new one anyway. I wanted to keep the stock radio in the Envoy but make use of my old subs. With the help/findings of many on here, this is what I did... Bose Amp - Tapped into the...
  2. Audio and Electronics
    Hello, im new to this site but do own a envoy, i have a xuv and was wondering if anyone has seen or owns a xuv with subs in the back. i wanted to know what you guys thought of the idea, my gf wants to put them back there but with all the hard plastic and moving parts thought it might rattle...
  3. Audio and Electronics
    :duh:One of my rear speakers has been out since I bought my TB, and one of my front speakers has intermittent cut outs, so I'm finally getting around to dealing with it. I stopped off at Best Buy on the way home and got 2 pairs of Kenwood KFC-1662S 6.5" 2 way speakers. If the weather...
  4. Audio and Electronics
    I'm looking to add a Boss BASS1200 and am going to use high-level inputs because I have my stock system in my 02 TB LT and was wondering if I can tap the wires half way down the car and not go to the back of the stereo or if the power cable will cause interference. Need help fast!
1-4 of 4 Results