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  1. AC, idle, and airbag problems

    Hello everyone! I'm new here and if this is too many problems or I am posting wrong please let me know. I know nothing about cars, just so you know. But I am learning. I have very few tools handy. I have someone who has everything I would need though. I have a 2004 TB 4×4 1. I just replaced...
  2. Airbag Module Service Websites

    Has anybody used one of those internet companies that take your airbag module (on the floor under the center console) and "repair" it? My guess would be they check it out and flash the software to original. They only charge around $60. Has anybody used one, if so which one, and what was the...
  3. [SOLVED] Location of Air Bags

    What is the location of the side air bags? I am trying to wire a radar detector and need to know if there is an air bag in the headliner. I know only of the one in the side of the seat.
  4. Clockspring Confusion

    I have a 2003 Envoy and recently the service airbag light came on. I went to the service guy that I like to use, and he read the code as B0050. His MAC Tool reader identified the clockspring as needing to be replaced. He came back to me with part# 26090357 which cost $326 canadian plus 1.5 hours...
  5. Service Airbag message + Light

    Last week Best Buy installed my new Viper 5901. Took 8 hours to install. When I went back to the store to retrieve my vehicle, the installer had good news and bad news for me. The Good news: The alarm system / remote starter is installed and working great. The Bad news: the airbag light is on...
  6. 04 TB LT Airbag Light and ABS Light on at same time.

    OEM Issues
    I have an 04 TB LT, and for awhile now the Airbag and ABS light have been coming on. They always go on and go off together. Sometimes it does it and other times it doesn't. They've both been on now for a few days. I was driving home in 4x4 Hi because of the bad snowy road conditions and...
  7. Someone help me uninstall my air bags? NOT suspension..

    Audio and Electronics
    Parting out my trailblazer, is there someone here who has taken out the airbags and the module? I want to take everything out to sell as a set, both bags and module? Any help would be appreciated I would like to take these out asap. Thanks
  8. air bag deploy?

    i have a question for all of i was in the car with my dad he has a 2005 tb ls and he ran into a road sign and for sum reason the air bag didnt deploy i figured the impact was hard enough for them to deploy but then over the weekend i totaled my 2006 tb ls dead on front impact and the airbags in...