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  1. Annoying clicking from under dash.

    Truck started making an annoying sound a week or two ago and I thought it was the blower. After finally deciding to check it out, I discovered it's actually not the blower making the noise. I'm 85% sure it's some component jammed way up in the dash that I have no idea what is. It looks like...
  2. AC, idle, and airbag problems

    Hello everyone! I'm new here and if this is too many problems or I am posting wrong please let me know. I know nothing about cars, just so you know. But I am learning. I have very few tools handy. I have someone who has everything I would need though. I have a 2004 TB 4×4 1. I just replaced...
  3. Air Ride - Runs then immediately releases air ?

    Hey guys, My 07 Denali will cycle the compressor at startup, but then after it runs it then shortly after starts letting air out. When I hear the very faint sound of it releasing pressure it will stop as soon as I push down on the bumper. So the valve is working properly. Why is it letting...
  4. Coil to Air Suspension

    Hey everyone I have an envoy with Coil suspension. Im going to be loading it with approx 1500lbs of cargo (car audio). Im wanting to eliminate the sag and strain on the suspension. Ive only been able to find coil helper bags that support up to 1000lbs so i was thinking maybe swap over to air...
  5. HELP! Air hose cut? Missing piece?

    Air Induction
    Hello All, First time poster. I have been starting to do my own work on my 2005 Trailblazer LS. I changed my own oil for the first time last week, and since then have replaced: alternator, idler pulley, spark plugs, brake pads, rotors, caliper brackets, and rear shocks. I noticed when changing...
  6. How high will envoy air suspension lift?

    Just wondering, does anyone know how high the air suspension in an 05 envoy will lift the suspension (Inches)? I want to move the sensor up, add spacers and put in 265/70/r17 tires. (I'll also be lifting the front 2.5" with spacers) Has anyone done this before?
  7. AC issue

    OEM Issues
    So I've been searching through, reading a bunch of posts about AC issues, but still can't figure this one out. My problem is that the blowers don't seem to be working as well as they used to out of the front vents. When I have it set to just the dash vents, there is air coming out of the floor...
  8. Air Conditioner Blowing Warm Air.

    Was just out on a road trip, approximately 700-800 miles roundtrip. On the way home the A/C decided not to work too well for us!!! The blower is working fine, and the air even cools down very very slightly, but not enough to offer any kind of relief (thank God I live in Wisconsin where we only...
  9. [SOLVED] Air horns???

    Audio and Electronics
    Hey, I am looking at installing an air horn on my 2002 tb LS. Im not really sure how to do this but i am asking for pics and notes/tips from anyone who has done this before. thanks and ill post pics of the project once i get it installed.
  10. Air Pump Check Valves

    OEM Issues
    Does anyone know where on an 2004 TB 4.2 ls 4wd the Air Pump is located? Is it powered by the belt? My car is failing DEQ tests because of a P0410 Code - "Secondary Air Injection System Malfunction" ... I read about that code and it says that 90% of the time when that code is set the CHECK...
  11. Secondary Air Injection Pump Question

    I have an 04 envoy and several months ago it threw a p0410 error. I took it in for service and they took off the hose and said the pump was full of water. I didn't replace it yet, but now inspection is coming up and I need to get it taken care of. 1) Is it easy to replace for a...
  12. Homemade CAI problem...

    Air Induction
    Ok so I found a quick little bolt on re-chargeable air filter for my TB, and the only issue I had to resolve was the large hole on top of the intake tube (I used all the stock air tubes, just basically removed the box that sat on top the washer fluid). In order to cover this large hole, I found...
  13. I6 LS Model Cold Air Intake

    Air Induction
    Last night a took my resonator (air filter cover) off and made some mods that gave my TB some good, noticeable power. The first thing I did was use some parts-store generic, self-adhesive weather stripping to seal the gaps where the resonator meets the washer fluid resevoir. Second, I used a...