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  1. Hello all (Envoy driver here)

    Well I decided to join this forum since I now drive a 2005 GMC envoy and get to share in the enormous list of things to be fixed. I bought a 2005 GMC Envoy, it's a very comfortable and fun ride with the air suspension as all. Though I really enjoy the style and the comfort, the build quality is...
  2. Air compresser keeps turning on even though there is prpler suspension

    So today I notice while my 2002 envoy was parked in the garage that the air compresser was engauging even when the truck is off. This worries me because I dont want it to burn itself out. Im not sure exactly why this is happening, especially when the truck is off. If any one has any suggestions...
  3. OEM Air Ride Compressor

    OEM Issues
    So, anyone know where to find the OEM air ride compressor for cheap? I can't seem to find anything online for less than $345. OEM Compressor
  4. Replacing air ride suspension

    My car's been sitting low; real low. (no pic yet) I know it's an air spring thing but wanted to get the specifics. So I went to my local dealership and they said I need knew springs and a new compressor for a total of $1500. No thank you. This forum has pointed me in several directions for...
  5. Arnott Air Springs Received and something is ODD. Has anyone used these?

    I got a pair of Arnott aftermarket air springs for my 03 Envoy XL. I have to say I have some reservations about them. I would like to hear from anyone who has actually bought and installed them themselves. There have been some recommendations on the forum for the Arnott parts but I don't see...
  6. Air leaking out of rear air leveler springs when car is parked. Otherwise, it works.

    I have an 03 Envoy XL. After the car sits parked for a few hours the right side sinks down and in time the whole rear sinks. I start the car and the compressor seems to be running great, and it pumps it up just fine. Perfect. I don't think this is normal and I read some threads here...
  7. Project: BAGD VOY

    Well I pulled the trigger and dropped th Envoy off at Derailed Body Drops here in Cincy. Bryce is who owns the shop and he is a hell of a fabricator. We have big plans for the truck and hope it all pans out. He does this on the side from his fulltime job as a Toyota tech (but was a GM tech for a...
  8. My new tbss

    I just got my 07' awd tbss. Like everyone else on here i got the itch and cant leave it alone. I was thinking of swapping out the headlights and grille and putting on the new tb lt lights that dont have the grille going into the light. Didnt see anyone do this on here yet. Also it has rear air...
  9. Oh, Joy... (Air ride pump issues)

    OEM Issues
    Just recently, my computer started tripping codes, saying the air ride pump is in trouble. This was in reality no shock to me, since it'd been having some serious starting problems for most of the winter, particularly when it got cold out. (Cold up here means near or below zero) :coffee...