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air conditioning

  1. Air Conditioning Issues

    2006 Saab 9-7x 4.2i We started noticing the issue on a road trip where we were driving 10 hrs/day. It's likely the issue was occurring before that but we didn't notice because it only got driven 10-15 minutes at a time. When we first started driving the A/C was strong and cold. The further we...
  2. 2005 Envoy AC not cold, blower works- system checked working fine

    2005 Envoy Manual temp. control 4 x 4 . Here is my issue, when I turn on the AC the air being blown from the vents is barely cooler then what a standard fan would be. Plenty of air volume, just not cold. Ok, let me start by saying my Envoy has been to a professional. The AC has proper...
  3. AC Control Problems

    OEM Issues
    The front row cabin ac system has problems working. I would turn on the air and the vents facing the seats won't blow out air. the vents for the defrosters will though. The middle row AC system works perfect tho. anyone have any similar issues or any ideas on what it may be? also if I'm just...
  4. New to site,ac? And briefing on all I've done

    Have a 03 TB LT 3rd row and rear ac. 230k miles 4x4 runs like a top. The ac lines to the rear had a hole I replaced a section and am getting a low side of 49psi and 215psi on the high side wondered what the specs are on the pressures is the main reason for my post. The front blows cool but the...
  5. Discontinued Part

    I am seeking a part that has been discontinued according to my mechanic. She cannot find the part any where. It is an air conditioning line. # 19213212. Where can I find replacements for such discontinued parts?:)
  6. Air conditioning warm (ambient air temp)

    2005 TB LS(EXT?) 4x4 w/ 4.2.. Air conditioning blows air within a couple degrees of outside air when on. When I turn the a/c on I can hear the compressor kick in, and hooked a pressure gauge to the high side port, when the compressor is on the pressure goes up to about 45-50psi. When the...
  7. AC issues, please help!

    Hi ya'll! I'm new to this thread but I decided to join because I always seem to find some helpful threads on here. I recently bought a 2006 Envoy Denali, sharp truck and I love it! Lately I have been experiencing some issues with my air conditioning which really sucks because it's been in the...
  8. No A/C

    This seems to be a common thread, however I cannot seem to find the correct fit for our issue. We have no A/C and the shop says they need to replace two things: 1. Rear Evaporator Core 2. Rear Auxiliary A/C Lines 2b. (also in a footnote possible update kit of mounting block) Total est cost...
  9. A/C having problems

    OEM Issues
    Recently when I was running my air conditioner, it just turned off all of a sudden and wouldn't work on any of the settings. A few days later, it started working no problem for a few days. Every few days it kept happening again and I noticed a burning smell when it was on. After working on it...
  10. AC not working

    Last summer the AC was warm. Checking the refrigerent high side pressure and finding it low, I added a can of leak stop & a can of the R-134, and all was cool for the rest of the season :chillpill:. Unfortunately when down in Florida this Christmas we found the AC was not working again. A friend...
  11. Air isn't blowing

    The air isn't blowing but i pulled out the blower motor and it is working and all the fuses are good and the ac compressor is engaging...the rear console air is working just fine...any suggestions??
  12. RPM dropping while driving at low speeds

    Hello, I am new to this site but I have an 04 TrailBlazer and when driving at low speeds my RPM drop and my car is at times stalling out. Has anyone had this issue? Does anyone know what may be causing it? This occurs more with the AC on. Thanks
  13. Air Conditioning Switch on 1 doesn't work

    OEM Issues
    Searched for about an hour for this issue, but none found. My A/C works great, but when I set it to 1 (Lowest Setting), it doesn't work at all. FUSE? SWITCH? DIRTY CONTACT? SEPERATE BLOWER? 2003 Trailblazer LT 4x4 SWB 4.2
  14. Air Conditioner Blowing Warm Air.

    Was just out on a road trip, approximately 700-800 miles roundtrip. On the way home the A/C decided not to work too well for us!!! The blower is working fine, and the air even cools down very very slightly, but not enough to offer any kind of relief (thank God I live in Wisconsin where we only...
  15. A/C Questions

    Bought a 2005 ENVOY XL with Manual A/C front and rear. The bad stuff has now hit the fan. Was told (by the dealer from whom I bought the car a year ago) that A/C Compressor is dead and that orifice would have to be replace along with compressor. 1. Are there 2 orifices in this vehicle with the...
  16. heater/ac control issues

    Hello All! This is my first post since I can usually find the answers to my questions by searching the past posts, but this time I am stumped!! I have an 03 TB with the manual dual zone heat/ac controls. The other day I noticed with the ac on only cold air was blowing from the passenger side...
  17. [SOLVED] PCM Mod installed now stalls with AC on

    Engine Tunes/Mods
    Recieved my PCMforless tuned PCM yesterday and installed last night and performed successful security relearn. Test drove fine except now the idle almost stalls everytime the compressor of the AC kicks in. RPMs drop to almost 2500, then back up to 5000. Thoughts?:confused:
  18. HVAC Need HELP

    OEM Issues
    Hi I have a 2003 Trailblazer (North Face Edition) and my front vents are not blowing. I do not hear any clicking noise at all, I've tried to pull the fuse already and that did it not help me. I read it may be the mode actuator or the control module but no one is specific. Air will come up the...
  19. A/C OK or going to die?

    OEM Issues
    I made a huge mistake today - my A/C hasn't been running very cold so I decided to recharge (I've done this before on other vehicles). Pressure seemed low, around 38 PSI, so I put in a can. Well, pressure didn't change very much, so I put in another. I definitely put in way too much - as I...