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  1. OEM Issues
    I’ve had my Saab 9-7x for about 5 months now, and now that we’re approaching summer, I can’t get my AC to work. The system is charged and the compressor is working, but the clutch will only engage once the engine turns on, and then will disengage after a few seconds. Does anyone know what’s...
  2. General
    Hi all, I don't know a lot about cars, and have no clue if I am posting in the right place, but my 03 GMC Envoy is experiencing quite a few issues, and I was wondering if anyone had any input. All the codes I am getting are P0420, P0442, P1345, P0332, P1482. The only drivability issues I...
  3. General
    Hello, After a some rough driving my A/C compressor made a whirling noise when I accelerated. Now its grinding. Only when its on. The A/C is cold. I also lose more power than usual with the AC on. Could it be the bearings or clutch, or a new compressor :S ? Is there anything easy I could...
  4. General
    i have a 2005 chevy trailblazer LS. it has been rock-solid in its 96000 miles. but in the last 6 or 8 months i have been having a slight issue with it. hopefully someone has some insights... it started in the winter. i would put the heat/defogger on and it would take a verrrry long time to...
  5. General
    hey guys, newbie here. fixing start pulling my hair out on this trailblazer. having ac issues. first had cool air out pass side and slightly warmer air out driver and rear. now , at idle only when ac or heater turned on, from 600 to 300 and quick surge back up. i noticed it does the "stall" when...
  6. Interior
    Hello: I purchased a 2003 Trailblazer LTZ on May this year. after a month of regular use, hvac control module display started blinking and turns off after +/- 20 minutes of driving. Now, the control module just dies after 1-2 minutes driving. When it is on, the system works perfect. What would...
  7. General
    I have a 2004 trailblazer with 4.2l and the AC goes in and out. I want to evacuate and recharge but can't find the low pressure port. I only see the one on the evaporator canister. Is that the correct one? If so my guage is way over into the danger area. I assume that might be the problem.
  8. The 02-09 "How-To" and DIY Section
    Hi all my back AC switch has stopped working, its only blowing air to the floor, is there a way i can hot wire it, or something to make it blow Air from the top? replacing it is costy and i can not do that right now... thanks rida
  9. OEM Issues
    2002 envoy_I have a problem every time I turn my defrost on my truck starts chugging and the rpm's go crazy then stalls out but it only has this problem when the defroster gets turned on heat and AC work fine truck runs normal, could anyone tell me what might be the cause of this?
  10. General
    I have a 2003 Trailblazer with automatic climate controls. Most of the time it work ok, but once in a while, it will 1. No fan (any speed) or 2. No Air or 3. No heat Doesn't seem to go with any pattern, It just start screwing up.. Then all of the sudden it starts working normal again...
  11. OEM Issues
    I have been trying to track down a problem with my AC for some time now. Yesterday I put in a new fan clutch and engine thermostat. Im a dummy and I didnt switch out the Engine coolant sensor at that same time. Now I think that sensor may be part of my problem. After replacing those parts I...
1-11 of 11 Results