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  1. General
    Hello, After a some rough driving my A/C compressor made a whirling noise when I accelerated. Now its grinding. Only when its on. The A/C is cold. I also lose more power than usual with the AC on. Could it be the bearings or clutch, or a new compressor :S ? Is there anything easy I could...
  2. General
    Hello, I just picked up a used 2005 Envoy SLE 2WD and the manual says that there is a Compressor in the rear of the SUV that can blow up balls and other small items, but I can't find it anywhere. Is it an option only item perhaps?
  3. OEM Issues
    05 TB LT dual climate. vents blow fine but ac compressor does not cycle at all when i do a test no power to compressor but all relays i could find get power???Help me please
  4. Suspension
    So today I notice while my 2002 envoy was parked in the garage that the air compresser was engauging even when the truck is off. This worries me because I dont want it to burn itself out. Im not sure exactly why this is happening, especially when the truck is off. If any one has any suggestions...
1-4 of 4 Results