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a/c problems

  1. Rear actuator ac/heat issues

    Okay so finally found out the crap that goes on with the rear mode and temperature actuator on at least my 06 trailblazer ext. So been trying to fix my ac issues. First my vents worked one or the other. So replaced mode actuator. Easy. Second my heat stopped working in rear. Had to replace the...
  2. [SOLVED] Gurgling sound coming from A/C Accumulator.

    The 02-09 "How-To" and DIY Section
    I just got a new A/C system installed. New compressor, condenser, Accumulator. When I shut off the engine, after a 30 min. or so drive using the A/C. About 30 seconds later I hear a gurgling sound. At first I thought it was the Coolant Reservoir so I tried to burp the radiator with no avail...
  3. A/C blowing hot air

    TrailBlazer / Envoy Chat
    Just brought 03 trailblazer, everything seem good until 5 days ago the weather here (SC) went from 20 to 80 in the same week. So I turned on the a/c on to find out its blowing hot air. Freon level is good, the a/c light comes on, and the blower direction works. However the climate control, it...
  4. A/C Issue

    I have no air coming out of dash vents. A/C compressor works and all other vents have air coming out. I think it is the acuator problem, but I dont remember part number or link on how to replace. Does anyone have this info, and do you think this is the problem. Thank you
  5. A/C issues with an issue with Ambient Air Temperature Sensor

    I live in Arizona where it can get warm and hot. Recently I noticed that the A/C is not getting cold and barely cool. The A/C seems to be cooler in the morning when the temperature is not as warm. But once it warms up, the A/C is really no relief. I noticed when I was in the vehicle that the...
  6. A/C stalls my truck when I stop or idle

    Air Induction
    I seriously need some help. My 03 Trailblazer LS stalls out when I run my A/C, heater and defrost. Also #5 position stopped working on my controls for the fan. I have heard this could be anything from my throttlebody needing to be cleaned to the resistor is bad. I don't know where to begin. Im...
  7. Similar issue but not (A/c problems, for those who might have this problem)

    OEM Issues
    I have the same issue to the issue below this one that palafoja posted. I have replaced the Low Pressure Cycling Switch and I am still having issues. If I drive my vehicle for an hour or so plus my a/c will stop working. It will work fine if it I turn my vehicle off for 5 or 10 minutes. The...
  8. Coolant/Overheating Problem

    OEM Issues
    2004 Trailblazer Ext, 4.2L Hello everyone. About 2 weeks ago my Check engine light came on; I stayed on for around 2 days and went off. I got to an Auto Zone after it went off and had the code read, they said the code that came up was for low coolant temp, during this whole time my temp gauge...
  9. Trailblazer is sluggish, getting low MPG, A/C hardly works.. read on

    OEM Issues
    ok, So I have an 04 engine after the plunge (Continue to scroll down after the image).. For those who haven't already seen this. Yet remember I have a 2005 model. I took it into Chevy about a few months ago about not having A/c - even after recharging it twice. I also told them that after...
  10. A/C Driver Side Hot, Passanger& Back Cool

    I have a 04 Trailblazer LT EXT. When I turn the A/C on I have HOT :eek:air on the drivers side Dash vents and on floor. The Defroster is also always Hot:hopeless. The Passanger side is cool along with all 4 of the back vent. How do I get rid of the heat wave:sadcry:? Any help would be greatly...
  11. weird A/C issues

    hey guys the first thing that started was my compressor clutch was not engaging. i searched the website and found out that it may be the pressure switch. so i replaced it and nothing happened. next i tried to recharge my A/C with a can from autozone. during the first part of the recharge...