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  1. OEM Issues
    I have a 2007 LS Trailblazer, 6cyl. The A/C quit blowing and I replaced the Resistor Pack then about 2 months later it stopped blowing again and I replaced the blower motor. Now sometimes the the blower wont turn on if I turn it off then turn it on a couple times it will eventually start. Is...
  2. OEM Issues
    anybody have a clue on why the auto control fans for the front and rear either stop, slow down when fan increased, pulse on and off higher lower speeds. the fan would be set on high but no blow then it works slowly and then all of the sudden works fine. resistor packs? fan switch(although the...
  3. General
    Bought a 2005 ENVOY XL with Manual A/C front and rear. The bad stuff has now hit the fan. Was told (by the dealer from whom I bought the car a year ago) that A/C Compressor is dead and that orifice would have to be replace along with compressor. 1. Are there 2 orifices in this vehicle with the...
1-3 of 3 Results