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4.2l engine

  1. transmission not going into 3rd

    4x4 Drivetrain
    I bought a 05 trailblazer Lt with about 223K miles for $401 at a auction and got it running. Drove down the rode and shifted fine till it hit 3rd gear and it was bouncing off the rev limiter. Checked the trans fluid and it was full. It was dark but did not smell burnt. The check engine light...
  2. 04 TrailBlazer EXT random stalling at stop lights

    I have an 04 trailblazer with the 4.2l, giving me absolute fits. For some reason, it randomly stalls at stop lights when the A/c or heat is all the way on. it usually acts like a slow stall, the RPMs drop way low, then quits, but then it starts right back up after i put it in neutral or park...
  3. 2004 GMC Envoy SLE 4.2L (Selling Whole Vehicle As Parts)

    ***2004 GMC ENVOY SLE - 3,000 OBO - SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY*** Thanks for looking! I am selling my 2004 GMC Envoy SLE (VIN #1GKDT13S542382276). I have owned this vehicle for 10+ years. I have two other vehicles and simply don't need/want to pay for the needed repairs. This vehicle runs/drives...
  4. [SOLVED] 02 Envoy 4.2L Oil Pump Replacement

    The 02-09 "How-To" and DIY Section
    I have to replace my oil pump in my Envoy due to getting low oil pressure messages on the dash. I have changed the oil pressure sensor and this did not fix the problem. I would like to get instructions on how to replace the pump if that is possible. Does anyone here have the manual? Thanks. Nick
  5. '03 Envoy stalling out immediately after start-up

    Hello All, I bought my '03 Envoy SLE 4.2 I6 a few months ago and drove it over 1000 miles until one day it stalled on the road. It would start back up but then stall right away after 1 or 2 seconds. Of course CEL and no codes. The things I've looked at or done so far: Checked all fuses (both...
  6. Missfire during cold engine

    OEM Issues
    First, I would like to say hello. I've been a member for several years, but have never posted before. I know there are several forums discussing the P0300 code, but none seem to be similar to my issue. Vehicle: 2007 Envoy SLT with the 4.2l engine. OD: 188,000 About a month ago I decided to do...
  7. [SOLVED] NOT SOLVED PLEASE HELP 2004 Trailblazer Motor Swap: No start.

    The "How-To" and DIY Section
    I recently Bought an 04 trailblazer 4.2 Got a used engine and replaced it and now i have a no start condition. engine will run off of starting fluid fuel injectors will not fire. got good fuel pressure all the way up to the rail The fuel pump is running when ingnition is turned on,( tested fuel...
  8. Rpms rev up during shifting

    OEM Issues
    I have a 2005 Trailblazer LT 4x4 with the 4.2 I6. 158k miles Wife recently noticed (2-3 days ago) that the rpms have been fluctuating higher during shifting. I drove last night and confirmed. 35mph- 2500 starting rpms, shifts and goes up to 3000—3500 for a quick second and then settles back to...
  9. [SOLVED] Cleaning engine bay on 2002 Trailblazer

    I haven't been able to find a thread on this so here goes: Last weekend I took my 2002 Chevy Trailblazer LTZ 4.2 I6 on a camping trip involving hours and hours on dirt and gravel roads. The results is this thick sandy oily residue on lots of the engine parts. I feel compelled to spray some...
  10. 2002 Trailblazer 4.2L HELP!!!

    Hello, I have a 02 trailblazer, and I have a engine for it to reinstall, same year...but in doing some tuning to it...the timing chain slipped...long story short...I am in a bind. I will have to retime the shafts due to a shop novice $%#! it up....I have to remove the front timing plate, but I...
  11. Hi there

    Hi everyone. Just joined. Just replaced the transmission on my 2004 Trailblazer LS 4.2/6 at 180,000 km. Hope the engine will continue for a while. I've been told it should. Current problems: CD player is "stuck" probably unit has to be replaced. Brakes (rear) are needing attention - I will...