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  1. P0128 - Need new thermostat, but does it matter?

    OEM Issues
    Lately my '06 I6 (95K miles) has been regularly throwing a P0128, and it does seem to be running a bit cooler than normal, so I need a new thermostat. I know these forums are full of great how-tos, but I'll probably just pay a pro eventually. My question is, do I really care about this right...
  2.'s all your fault...

    While looking for a drivetrain for street rod project, I came across a wrecked (rollover) '04 Envoy 4.2 with under 4200 miles. Thanks to info from this site I decided to buy it and am in the process of removing everything that can be used on the other car. ('37 La Salle). So technically, I'm...
  3. Replace OEM engine with Jasper

    OEM Issues
    So I am forced to get a new engine, and we were going with a Jasper 4200. I was trying to find specs on the new engine but was unable to. Anyone know how they compare to the OEM 4200? I have a 2006 Envoy. I assume it till be atleast what the OEM engine was but I was hoping it was going to be...
  4. The Powerhouse

    The Powerhouse