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  1. General
    '02 TB. Am troubleshooting 3rd brake light not working. If I apply 12VDC at connecting socket, it does not light up. Indicates non-working light. Also, I get 0VDC on the other side of the socket --- input to the connecting socket. This is with brake on and other brake lights working...
  2. Exterior
    The whole assembly that holds my 3rd brake light on has fallen off..and of course i was driving on the highway :( it shattered... question is: Has anyone had this happen?? how do i get the replacement? I've looked everywhere!! help would be great!:confused:
  3. Introductions
    Hey, name is Thom. Been reading the forums for a while now and decided to get into posting. Got an 04 Rainier recently...has a little qtr damage and needs some repair. Needs new bumper cover and tailights. Anybody have any suggestions on some upgrades to do at this stage?? Am into any new ideas...
  4. Exterior
    Anyone have any ideas on how I could mount this 15" scanner into my 3rd brake light on my 06 TB LT?
1-4 of 4 Results