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  1. 2008 Trailblazer LT3 electrical issues

    I've read several posts detailing SOME of the issues I'm having, but haven't seen any with ALL of the issues... I replaced my battery a few weeks back. Almost immediately afterwards the following problems started... let me also preface this with it runs and drives fine. A tech 2 scan tool...
  2. 2008 Envoy Radio Install.

    Audio and Electronics
    Hey all, I was looking through some of the post as well as googling trying to find a wire diagram for the radio in a 2008 Envoy (no onstar, no bose, and no steering wheel control) with no luck. I'm using a Metra 70-2003 wiring harness because I don't feel like paying 70-100$ just to hear the...
  3. #11150: Special Coverage Adjustment-Exhaust Manifold Warranty Extension

    I have availed this warranty two years back, again the manifold cracked. I want to understand if I can still go back to dealer and claim the warrant, as my TB has done less than 100K Miles and is still under 10 year period?
  4. 2008 Envoy Amplifier location and more

    Hi, I'm Lewis and I just bought a used 2008 GMC Envoy. The radio works but it appears the amplifier isn't working except on the front passenger side. The radio doesn't say Bose on it so I'm not sure if it's a Bose system or not. I don't think so. Anyway, I'm trying to find out where the...
  5. 08 Envoy; Can't locate ECT Sensor

    OEM Issues
    Hi All, I am new to the forum and I am making my very first post! I have a 2008 GMC Envoy with the 4.2L I6 engine. I recently began noticing my temperature gauge intemittently not working. Some days it would display the correct temperature and then some days nothing. Then last week I got a check...
  6. Newbie from Indiana :)

    Hello everyone! My name is Erin, I'm 23, live in the great and wonderful Indiana and I own a 2008 trailblazer lt that I love dearly. I haven't had it for too long...but I can tell I will never want to part with it. Before my trailblazer I had an 03 cavalier...before that a 96 lumina...this...
  7. please help!! electric window problems

    OEM Issues
    Hello everyone. I bought my 08 trailblazer lt used back in July with 94k miles. The vehicle was a fleet vehicle, then sold to some people in west Virginia and was well kept. Everything with the vehicle has been great...except the mild slowness of the front passenger window. In the summer it was...
  8. 2008 Trailblazer LT ignition problems?

    I need to know how to diagnose ignition switch problems. Don't have much money so I can't pay to use expensive equipment or expensive mechanics. I do have basic tools including test light and volt meter.PLEASE HELP
  9. [SOLVED] Ignition switch?

    The 02-09 "How-To" and DIY Section
    Hello everyone. This is my first time posting anything here and I hope that someone can help me. My 2008 TB died on me while driving down the road like it was out of gas. It cranked back up a few times after that but died after about 10 seconds. Now it will not turn over at all. When I have the...
  10. vss wire location Trailblazer2008

    Audio and Electronics
    Dear, Members.. I can't found the VSS wire for my Chevrolet Trailblazer 2008???.. I need it for my GPS. If any member can help me , thanks. Jose Puerto Rico :tiphat:
  11. GMC Envoy Headlights Issue

    Good Morning All, I have an issue I am hoping to get some assistance with. I bought my Envoy 10 months ago, second hand. It's been a 1 previous owner. I don't really have any issues with it with the exception of the rear gate lifts are out on it and it didn't come with the space tire tool, so I...
  12. 2008 trailblazer remote start compatible with onstar?

    Audio and Electronics
    Hello, I just purchased a certified 08 Trailblazer and I have the free year of onstar. As I am still evaluating whether or not I will keep it past the year, I am looking for an alarm with remote start that will not interfere with onstar functions. Any recommendations? Sorry if this has been...
  13. My 2008 Envoy...ehhhhh, could be better.

    Hello iLikeEggs, Our records indicate that you have never posted on our site before. Why not make your first post today by saying hello to our community in our Introductions forum. Thanks and welcome to TrailVoy! Ok then. Here it goes... Where do I start? I will start by saying that I can...
  14. My 08 trailblazer will not start.. Pls Help..

    Last night i was driving home, then suddenly the lights on the panel start lighting up the ABS, Check engine, break, etc the the power lock wont work too, then I turned off the engine and tried to kill and start the engine 2 times then it went back to normal, when I got home i turn off the...