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  1. Limp mode

    Air Induction
    Hi, so my 2003 gmc envoy was running perfect, until the next day when I was going to use it, the truck didn’t want to go over 20 mph. So I took it home and tried fixing the throttle body and didn’t work, bought a accelerator pedal and still didn’t work, been having it sit there for a couple of...
  2. Removing top dash cover?

    OEM Issues
    Has anyone removed the top dash cover? I have a vibrating sound like a clip broke on the passenger side under the dash between the tweeter and defrost vent. When I push on that area on the dash I can hear a clicking. How easy/difficult is it to remove? Is it just clips? If you're in the "Chevy...
  3. Transmission shifting hard all of a sudden

    OEM Issues
    Hey guys, was camping over 4th of July weekend. 2003 Trailblazer LTZ 4.2l 4x4 On the way back into town, only about 20 miles from home, I noticed that while in overdrive, my RPM kept bouncing between 2000-2200 while cruising at 55. So I kicked it into third and it was fine. Then, coming back...
  4. 2003 Trailblazer LT EXT transmission fluid question

    4x4 Drivetrain
    Just bought this 2003 with 160K miles on it. The only transmission fluid (TF) change information I have on it is the previous owner had it for 20K miles and didn't change it. It's in the shop for tie rod replacement and front axle work. Talked to the shop manager about the TF fluid, and he said...
  5. Hello From Fayetteville, AR!

    Hello, I just purchased my 2003 GMC Envoy 2wd with the 4.2l I6 (It is also my first car). I'm looking forward to working on it and getting some nice aftermarket parts for it! I'm also looking forward to seeing just how far I can take this vehicle.
  6. 2003 Envoy High Idle (1,000 RMPS)

    Hey guys this is my first post so please bear with me. I have a 2003 envoy SLT 4x4 and randomly it will start idling high at around 1,000 RMPS. Before when this happened it gave a code (dont remember what the code was) and the guy that scanned the code at advance auto parts said it was the...
  7. Cargo Area Length 2003 Trailblazer

    Hi all Im new and currently looking to buy a Trailblazer to take on a long roadtrip. Now i wondered wether the cargo area is long enough, with the 2nd seat row folded down, to sleep in the back on a matress. I did this two years ago with a 2004 Explorer and it worked just fine. I'm just not...
  8. '03 Envoy stalling out immediately after start-up

    Hello All, I bought my '03 Envoy SLE 4.2 I6 a few months ago and drove it over 1000 miles until one day it stalled on the road. It would start back up but then stall right away after 1 or 2 seconds. Of course CEL and no codes. The things I've looked at or done so far: Checked all fuses (both...
  9. 2003 Envoy - CHK ENGINE\REP Issue....

    Engine Tunes/Mods
    Vehicle: 2003 Envoy XL SLE 4.2L I-6 Mileage: 92,000 Hi everyone - I am desperately looking for help on the rather serious REP issue. Yesterday, for example, REP manifested itself no fewer than 45 times while my girlfriend was driving it. Today, I took the vehicle for my usual 34 mile commute...
  10. 03 TB EXT (6 cyl) - Rear Air

    I have been a member since last year but just now introducing myself and asking for help. I have 03 TB EXT (6 cyl). I see lots of info on people having problems with air conditioning but I can't find much on Rear Air problems. I have full climate control for the front but rear stopped blowing...
  11. Liftgate handle sticking, doesn't stay latched

    OEM Issues
    When I open the gate, the handle sticks open and i have to manually push it back down. I can hear the mechanism that locks it after it shuts try to work, but if I grab the bottom of the gate and pull like I'm trying to open it it opens right up, even after I hit the lock button. I sprayed WD-40...
  12. [SOLVED] Help! Pulley and belt issues..

    OEM Issues
    I purchased my 2003 GMC Envoy about 2 weeks ago and have already put a new alternator, two new serp. belts, a new idler pulley and a new belt tensioner.. with that being said.. The first week I shredded my old belt after hearing it squeal for about 3 days (which is why I bought a new one). We...
  13. Center ceiling monitor (2003 Trailblazer)

    Audio and Electronics
    Hell everyone, just bought this Trailblazer last week so I thought Im make an account. Pretty much Im into having multiple monitors for music videos and lots of bass! My question is how would I mount a monitor in the center (so that I would be able to open and close it) without it being too...
  14. 2003 TrailBlazer Rear Electrical Problems

    I believe I am having overall electrical issues with my 2003 I-6 Trailblazer. Below are the following things happening. 1.) When turning the rear defrost on, all the doors power locks and windows trip on and off. You hear a clicking noise and the lights on the buttons correspond as well. 2.)...
  15. ITS POSSESSED! Changes from 2wd to 4wd to a4wd on its own.

    4x4 Drivetrain
    Ok, just bought a 2003 Envoy two days ago. I noticed when at a light the lights on the selector went from 2wd to 4wd (without touching the switch). And i did hear and feel the transfer case change. i moved the switch to 4wd and back to 2wd and it went back to 2wd. Hope it does not go to 4lo...
  16. New Member 03' Envoy SLT

    Hello all, I am new to and my 03' Envoy. So far, it's just been a joy. I've already noticed the fuel economy was averaging 14.2mpg, and a few minor problems but I think this vehicle is by far the nicest I've ever owned. Here's to scouring the forums for information!
  17. Rough Idle - of Course...

    OEM Issues
    I have searched around a bit and have yet to come across a solution(s).... We have an 03 Envoy XL 4.2...The idle has been rough so I did a basic tune up replacing all of the filters, fluids, and spark plugs. Still the rough idle persisted. The check engine light came on so I took it to the...
  18. 2003 TB need to prevent as much as possible...need your advice

    What's up all, been a member for close to a year and it is time for me to right in. About 11 months ago a bought my TB (4.2, 4x4, LT) and for the most part it is good. I changed the serpentine belt (pain in the ass), found out the back liftgat window won't open (anyone else) it is stuck at the...
  19. My 'New' '03 Trailblazer LS

    My 'New' '03 Trailblazer LS

    you guessed it...Tailgate with some simple retouching
  20. My 'New' '03 Trailblazer LS

    My 'New' '03 Trailblazer LS

    Passenger side view