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  1. 2002 Trailblazer LTZ 4x4 For Sale

    '02 Trailblazer LTZ for sale for parts vehicle. Motor runs great and has a lot of new stuff installed on the truck (have all reciepts). Body is in great shape but the frame is a rust pile. The power steering hoses rusted through and can't be replaced due to the frame. Selling for $1500. Also...
  2. My 02 Trailblazer LTZ

    My 02 Trailblazer LTZ

    Love this truck! Power everything! Electric everything. Runs and drives like a dream!
  3. My 02 trailblazer is possessed.

    I have a 02 trailblazer and it's taken on a life of it's own. It started with my remote entry ceasing to work. My ac / heat decided it would only work on #4 setting. That was followed by my rear wipers coming off and on as they please regardless of what I do with the control switch and will...
  4. Thanks!!

    OEM Issues
    I had to register for this; I have a 2002 Trailblazer LS A4WD with 190xxxx that had/has a lot of problems but through a bit of research, here & else where I was able to knock down most of my issues. I started with U1000 - class two serial comm. problem P0340 - Camshaft position sensor...
  5. [SOLVED] P0340 error code

    OEM Issues
    A few weeks ago my SES light came on and began flashing. I got the codes read and it threw camshaft positioning sensor P0340 and crank shaft positioning sensor (I can't remember the code number). I replaced both and cleared codes. I drove it for about 20 miles and the light came back on. I read...
  6. Towing Newbie, U-Haul, 2000 miles

    Ok, to begin with I am going to say that I have spent a good few hours reading about towing with a trailblazer since I never done it before. I have a 2002 Chevy Trailblazer with 145k miles, 3.42 gear. I used to be a technician at a GM dealer, so the car is at a very good shape. All fluids...
  7. 02 Trailblazer LS Interior

    Show and Shine
    I'm new here and I'm not exactly sure where to put this but, I'm getting a family hand me down 02 Trailblazer LS...I looked on youtube to see what exactly the interior looks like and haven't really found anything. Anyone have any interior pictures of the LS? :thx

    Hi All, I recieved a Python 424 2-WAY remote starter (VIPER 4204) and I am trying to find an installer to install it. I have tried many different Best Buys and one gives me a quote around $180 another $379. STRICKLY for the install lol. The major difference is they bypass for security and the...
  9. Rear wiper arm question

    OEM Issues
    2002 TB LTZ This evening my rear wiper arm broke off and I was searching the articles for replacing it with an OEM arm I will be ordering. The assembly article is for an '07, and one part says for the washer hose to "just pull it" from the plug on the tailgate. Is this true for an 02? I'm...
  10. Replacing antenna base...ugh..

    story.... 2002 black tb bought my tb week and a half or so ago.. stereo didnt sound to good but didnt think anything of it since i have had similer problems in the past which was due to a antenna booster or soemthing not being hooked up... but any who.. was showing my dad my new used tb...
  11. Oil pressure switch or sending unit?

    I have been reading threads for hours and I think I am more confused than ever! LOL I know there has been alot of posts about the oil pressure dropping to 0 when a car idles and I have read all the responses about the oil sending unit. I also read that cars with a light have an oil pressure...
  12. [SOLVED] 2002 envoy died while driving, not turning over

    OEM Issues
    Hello everyone, I am new to this trailvoy Forum. I have used it many times before and im many cases it has helped with my problems. I recently just had a problem with my envoy last week that I think I should share with all of you. Last week I was driving along and out of nowhere my truck stoped...
  13. [SOLVED] Air horns???

    Audio and Electronics
    Hey, I am looking at installing an air horn on my 2002 tb LS. Im not really sure how to do this but i am asking for pics and notes/tips from anyone who has done this before. thanks and ill post pics of the project once i get it installed.
  14. replace envoy foglights

    Does anyone know how to get to the foglights on a 2002 GMC Envoy? i need to change the passenger side, but don't know how.
  15. clunking on left turns.

    OEM Issues
    Just about everytime i take a turn i hear a clunking noise.. im not sure if it is coming from the front end or the back. but when it does it it almost feels as if i got hit and it jolts sideways. the 4WD seems to be working fine and the CV axles and tie rods seems fine. any other ideas would be...
  16. New member from WV

    Hello All. I've been a dedicated forum trawler for some time; BIG thanks to Roadie, JamesDowning and all the others in the Offroad Section! Anyway, I've been following you guys for a while and have just gotten the title clean and clear to my TB, so the offroad mods will start happening just as...
  17. [SOLVED] Rear wiper issue

    Recently while on a trip to Iowa, my TB developed a problem in the rear wiper. As we were driving back to where we were staying, I turned on the wiper after a monsoon hit. I noticed the wiper only going halfway, then back, then slowly getting weaker. I pulled off at a rest area and checked...
  18. SS bumper on 02 EXT?

    I have a 2002 EXT and am trying to fix it up and make it look good but... I slid down a hill due to snow and worn tires and smacked a pole. Not too happy but now that I need a new bumper anyway does anyone know if I can get a SS front bumper put on my EXT? If so where can I get SS parts, I look...
  19. 2002 Envoy After Market Stereo help.

    Audio and Electronics
    ive been looking at getting a new after market dash installed into my 2002 Envoy. I started to look for stereos and find the best blah blah.. When i went to my local stereo store, they told me that because i have a "newer" GM car, that ill need to get a harness for my stereo if i wanted my door...