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  1. Is the DoD 5.3 a durable engine?

    OEM Issues
    Yes, you can have the DOD turned off in the tune, or you can remove it completely by swapping out the cam, lifters, springs and the valley cover, and also have it turned off in the tune, if you choose to go the route of just turning it off, you may have an oil PSI jump from 20 (at idle) to 45...
  2. New Guy on the Forums

    try mail order tune out there....or find a local tuner.
  3. SNAP...broken tranny dipstick

    OEM Issues
    I just noticed last week that mine was cracked about halfway around the tube....right above the support where it bolts to the rear of the Head.....Coincidence? I only noticed because I had just added a Trans cooler and added a little fluid and my wife asked me what was on the floor under the...
  4. Engine swap 5.3 vs 6.0

    Engine Tunes/Mods
    Not really sure, I never had mine put on a dyno.
  5. 5w30 VS 10w30

    Engine Tunes/Mods
    Say what???? There will be no difference in mileage or in the performance of the truck....go for it!! The oil will be a little thicker when at normal running temperature, which is not a bad thing.
  6. Engine swap 5.3 vs 6.0

    Engine Tunes/Mods
    hop on TBSSOwners and pick up a used LS2 cam, springs, lifters and pushrods, then buy a new timing chain and gears, a pair of head gaskets and a water pump're done, other than having it tuned and the DOD turned off......plenty of more power for you, and remember the 5.3 rev's...
  7. Looking to level/lower 2005 Trailblazer

    TBSSowners for sale forum, or (gmt) for (nation) sale classifieds
  8. 05 trailblazer tail light diagram

    The center wire of the 5 wires on the tail light plug is the reverse.
  9. Strange red wire...

    You are definitely the reason that all of the people, myself included do not hang out here, except to check messages and see how far off the beaten track people are leading others. At this point, I have forgotten more than you will ever know about your GMT360. So, when you have a genuine...
  10. Looking to level/lower 2005 Trailblazer

    If you do not want to sacrafice any ride quality, and use easy to find parts, pick up a set of used SS front springs and struts. For the rear pick up a set of Belltech 2" drop shocks, and a pair of Ground Force, or CMS 2" drop springs. The SS Spring combo will drop the front about 3/4 to 1"...
  11. Strange red wire...

    :mad:Seriously....this is your answer to the OP? Here's someone who is looking for help and you give them a stupid, childish answer like that? Just shows what you know about our trucks. You need to read the threads on this forum and learn all you can, you are of no use to people here who...
  12. Engine shakes/misfires at high speeds

    :iagree: But you may also want to clean the Throttle Body.:D
  13. TBSS suspension conversion Help!

    Exactly what are you trying to do to your TB......what is the need for the entire assembly, if we know what you're trying to do it may help us answer your question. If you're only trying to drop the front end (only 3/4") by installing the SS Shocks & struts, that's an easy swap, but the arms &...
  14. Making my I6 sound like a V12

    Exhaust Mods
    Sounds AWESOME to me!!!!!:D
  15. Broken Mirror Latch

    OEM Issues
    I have seen the thread Menthol is referring to....I can't remember if there were pictures or not, but it did solve the problem!!
  16. day at the stealership

    Pictures and Videos
    That will buff right out!!!!
  17. 2014: The Return of the TrailBlazer?

    2013+ Chevrolet Trailblazer Forum
    Wait...What????!! GM Social Media Rep.......:crackup::rotfl:
  18. ???Magnaflow Catback On 5.3???

    Exhaust Mods
    :hopeless They do sound the same.....I've had mine side by side with quite a few SS's and with the same exhaust you can't tell the difference!!
  19. ???Magnaflow Catback On 5.3???

    Exhaust Mods
    Just pick up an SS catback system.....I went with the OEM Catback on my 5.3....If you look around in the classifieds or on TBSSOwners you can snag one cheap....I got mine for $50....Just bolt it on!! You may even be able to pick one up for free, you just have to look. IMO sounds as good as any...
  20. New Envoy owner in Northwest PA

    Welcome to TrailVoy!!! Enjoy your Ride!!!:thumbsup:
1-20 of 402 Results