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  • RedEnvoyDenali ·
    No the resonator delete doesn't make it loud. When I did mine I couldn't tell anything noise wise had changed. However even with the large skirt on my Denali covering the rusty can, I still like the looks of the chrome tip and lack of large garbage can hanging off the back. I also doubt that performance would be affected strictly done for looks.
    wellcot ·
    Thanks for the reponse, does a resonator delete make it very loud? And by aesthetics you mean performance I guess. What about gas mileage?
    flyweed ·
    I see you have Envoy that you did a complete transmission oil change..I want to change mine on my 04 envoy...can you tell me how you did it? I can change the transmission filter and drop the pan easy enough..but how do you get the rest out?

    Any help would be there a step by step on here with photos?

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