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  • Cozy4x4 ·
    It's going great. I just got done looking at a few trailblazers and I really wish I could get that ss motor in a LT. I like its power. How are you. I really admire your TB Oh and does your either your suspension or your body lift work on the trailblazer ss? Even just one of them.
    markmc ·
    Just a reminder.
    My gmail or website is best way to contact me.
    i can reply via iphone more easy from there..
    dangbar97 ·
    Hello, I was wondering if you have any pictures of your 3 inch suspension lift without a body lift like any of your customers photos. I cant seem to find them. also I also wondering whats the biggest size tires I can fit on a trailblazer with a 3" suspension lift with 1.5 wheel spacers.. thanks
    justjim75 ·
    hi newbie with an 06 TB ls 4x4 here. call me jim. how much lift do i want for the front if i plan on only lifting the back with z71 springs? i really just want it level but from whati have read the z71 springs provide a small lift. so what do i need for the front?
    dangbar97 ·
    I also notice that you had a 3 inch body lift on your website and it says **Please Note:Kit is Made to order, allow two weeks minimum for shipping" since you make them when they get ordered im wondering if you could make a 2.5 inch body lift and if so how much... Thanks so much
    dangbar97 ·
    How much are you asking for a 2.5 inch suspension lift by its self
    How much are you asking for a 2.5 inch suspension lift with a leveling kit
    Thanks so much for all your help
    dangbar97 ·
    Yea. I have a real quick question a buddy of mine has a 2.5 suspension lift he wants to add a 3 inch suspension lift to it he wants to know of he could add a lift on top of another if so does he have to get the same brand or can it be a different brand thanks
    tireman ·
    Hey mark,
    i am new to the site but do work at an auto shop. I have an 04 tb ls and have been looking into upping my tire size. I have the tough country 2.5 level kit but am running into the problem of the upper control arm being in the way with factory 16" wheels. Any advice other than putting adapter plates on my hubs? Just wanting like 285/75r16 or possible 255/75r17 on after market wheels.
    dangbar97 ·
    Hello, I was wondering how big is your lift kit on the trailblazer in your profile picture and what type is it thanks.
    jpowell ·
    Hi Mark...
    I am sure your have answered these before in a post somewhere lol
    But if I put your 3" lift and a 2" inch body could I run a 33 or so is ease.... what kind a mpg could i see out of my TB after lifting it.... it is a 2007 TB Lt with the 4.2
    THague ·

    I just started working on my 03 TB. I wanted to ask about your 3 inch suspension lift. I machined my own rear coil spacers however I do not want to mess with the front on my own. what would you charge me for a 3 inch front lift?
    hitechredneck21 ·
    Hi mark,
    My name is Matt and I recently just joined the forum. I just purchased a 2003 Trailblazer EXT 2wd. I am located in Palm Coast just south of you. I was wondering what kit you would suggest and how much and do you install also. Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.
    krfulkerson ·
    Hey Mark, my name is Kevin and im new to the forumns. I was wondering how much is the 2.5" front and 2" rear lift kit. I have a 2004 TB and have been wanting to lift it for a while now but haven't been successful finding a kit.
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