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  • Runforefun ·
    Cayne, I received a PM from you but I do not know how to reply to it. I would like to do so and explain what I have to offer the Trailblazer community and how to get started.
    StiperPhreak ·
    I need this account deleted. I accidentally left out an "r" when creating the account. I have already registered a new account on another e-mail. Thanks for the help

    rfloydlewis ·
    i am confused... i requested information to find a member to help me with a Trailblazer problem and i got a fierce reply from " Whackers" about non vendors... and the thread was closed. what is that all about? your Trailblazer site has been very helpful up to now. all of a sudden i am an enemy??? what is up???
    seanmihaly ·
    DearAdmin, I hope this message finds you well. I am new to the site, and created my username as seanmihaly (me full name). I'd like to change my username to sean m, if possible. Can you help?
    RedEnvoyDenali ·
    I have been trying to get in touch with someone to help me with my Platinum membership. I purchased one last year because I have been impressed with the help provided by the forum and wanted to give back. However last year instead of buying the silver at a reduced price I paid full price for my Platinum. Within a couple of weeks the Platinum went of sale and I inquired but was told that nothing could be done, so be it. This year I understand my Platinum will renew automatically charging my credit card. Since Platinum memberships have been advertised at a discount I want to continue it and only pay the reduced price.

    HOW DO I ENSURE THAT THIS WILL HAPPEN. If my card gets charged the full price I may have to take action.

    This is my 3rd attempt to reach someone other that MR. SMITHSTB, who suggested I contact the site admin. Maybe I have been trying to do this the wrong way but I can't get anyone or thing to respond to my attempts to "contact us"

    Please help

    Jerefos ·
    Hello from Greece.
    I am trying to post a new thread and the system says that i must choose a prefix thread.
    What should i do?
    tintman ·
    hello jus brought a 2002 trailblazer im gotta be doing some mods to it can someone tell me the ss shifter fits on it without any problem
    ascendotuum86 ·
    Hey Ralph! Wheres the pics of the TB? Cant wait to see the rig! And welcome as our new site owner, looking forward to more changes to come!
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