SS Registry FAQ
How do I add my TrailBlazer SS to the registry?
First, you have to be a registered member of to add your TrailBlazer SS. Register today, it's FREE! Second, just click on the "Submit Your SS" link found on the registry main page.
How do I edit/update my registry listing?
Your listing will have an edit link at the bottom right hand corner. Just click on it and it will bring you to the update page. Only you can update your listing.
How come my listing did not show up after I submitted it to the registry?
All new listings have to be approved by an administrator before it is added to the registry.
I updated my registry listing but now it's gone! What happen to it?
If you update your registry listing it will be sent back to the queue for approval. While it is in queue, it will not be visible in the registry.
How long does it take for my new listing or updates to be approved?
Normally, it will be approved within 24 hours.
I no longer have a TrailBlazer SS, how do I remove my listing?
To remove your TrailBlazer SS from the registry, simply use the site contact form. Be sure to include your usernname and your listing's location. You must be logged into your account before you send the request or it will not be accepted. Your listing will be removed within 24 hours.